Densité by Driss Ouadahi

Hosfelt Gallery New York  to show paintings by Algerian artist Driss Ouadahi this autumn Red On White, 2010, oil on linen, 75 x 94.5 inches All images and information courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery, New York and San Francisco © by Hosfelt Gallery The Hosfelt Gallery N.Y. will show the work of Driss Ouadahi an Algerian […]

Torre Alger XXI by Saraiva+Associados

Office tower concept by Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados All images and information courtesy of Saraiva+Associados ; images © by 3D Helps + Saraiva+Associados Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados design the Torre Alger XXI – an office tower in Algiers Saraiva + Associados have sent us images of their design of an iconic office tower in Algiers that creates […]

Mosque of Algiers by KSP Juergen Engel Architekten

All information and images courtesy of KSP Juergen Engel Architekten. German Architecs KSP Juergen Engel designed the new Grande Mosque in Algiers. Mosque of Algiers In the Bay of Algiers, to the east of the historic downtown area, the complex represents the main and also the initial element in the new urban development of the […]

Algiers Millennium Site by RMJM

All images and information courtesy of RMJM. Copyright by desMena. RMJM designed the masterplan for the Algiers Millennium Site.