Jellyfish House in Adailiya, Kuwait designed by AGi Architects

Quietness and delicacy of form and movement designed by the Spanish-Kuwaitian design firm


All images, plans and information courtesy of AGi Architects; © by AGi Architects

The playful essence of the tentacles mediates a smooth transition between the various spaces

The driving forces behind the design of the jellyfish house are its restricted site situation and the clients’ habit of living. The house is enclosed by three adjacent plots freeing only one street facing façade. There is one large park located in front that constitutes a buffer zone in between the plot and the house opposite.
The ideal response to such site conditions would be to construct a U-shaped building that opens towards the street, however such form would provide complete exposure, and since the client is of a reserved nature a modified alternative was advocated.
The transformed proposition resembles the anatomy of a jellyfish, in which the head containing the services and private rooms is located in the back, anchoring the building to the site and providing protection. The tentacles accommodating a mixture of private and public living spaces drift spontaneously towards the front, and turn to face the street. This layout frees the center to create a courtyard space permitting inner views that provide a visual connection between the various rooms across all floors. The resulting perception of the form stems from a hypnotic slow and rapid movement mimicking the dynamism of the flexible jellyfish, and the overall composition frames a frozen moment captured during one of these spasmodic reflexes.

The body of the jellyfish is often camouflaged and clear to a point of near invisibility, the play of transparency is achieved in this residence at various degrees to enable crossed views. The rooms on the ground floor are introverted looking into the courtyard, whereas the rooms on the first floor are extroverted looking out towards the street, the public garden, and further continue to catch glimpses of the city skyline from afar.

Split levels are adopted for utilizing maximum views into the front from the different sections of the residence; the rooms located in the head, at the back of the house are elevated in order for disrupted sighting, therefore the ground floor is increased allowing for it to extend throughout the site.

The playful essence of the tentacles mediates a smooth transition between the various spaces .The movement throughout the residence is flowing with a continuous unity, resembling the soft consistency of the gelatinous body form, without any abrupt changes connecting the bedrooms, living spaces, and circulation stairs together. The public passage and entrance into the house is subtly indicated by slipping underneath a shifted tentacle above comprising of private rooms. This quietness and delicacy of form and movement is a reflection of the clients’ private and conservative character and it highlights the close connection between the parents and offspring.






ground floor
agi_jellyfish_house_21first floor
second floor

Consultants: AMJT
Size: 2,000 sqm
Project Team:

Nasser Abulhasan, Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea, Daniel Muñoz Medranda, Fabio de Carolis, Maria Eugenia Diaz, Gwenola Kergall, Monica Marquez, Robert A. Varghese, Soomin Yang, Mi-il Lee, Babu Abraham
Date: 2008 – 2011

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  • Manal Al-Mosawii

    this Jellyfish House is really creative , is it custom built for one client. or can be done again ?

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