Mermaid 2.0 – a maritime lifestyle concept designed by JDS

Julien De Smedt Architects design an all inclusive resort for the Middle East


All images and information courtesy of JDS – Julien De Smedt Architects; © by Julien de Smedt Architects
A Wellness Island formed by a large valley of terraced gardens.

Wellness Island is an all inclusive resort in the Middle East where tourists enter through an exclusive marina and beach. With various levels of retail and a wellness spas, the island’s under belly contains all the core program for both the spa and marina. Above exists a large valley of terraced gardens, which form the hotel and service apartments. Each unit has a panoramic view of the entire area. Wellness Island is all about experience.
Each level, from the beach entrance, to the wellness spa, to the gardens and hotel is designed to create a unique experience and relaxing atmosphere. The frame through which sea, air and light converge to stimulate the senses, Wellness Island offers a unique focus on quality of life, personal development and individual space.


Mermaid 2.0 Section

For the island’s footprint we chose the circle, since its radiating shape has no singular direction. On the contrary it points in all directions, therefore relating to its context, no matter where it is located. We imagine the island as a soft disc filled with program, thus by lifting the edges a hilly landscape emerges, with views and grandiose caves beneath. By using this method to shape the island, the optimal combination of internal relations between the main programs is achieved, with views out toward the horizon, the other hills, and the saltwater basin of the island.

julien_de_smedt_mermaid_60aMermaid 2.0 diagrams shape
Mermaid 2.0 diagrams internal and exernal spatial relation
julien_de_smedt_mermaid_66dMermaid 2.0 diagrams mixed use program
julien_de_smedt_mermaid_21Mermaid 2.0 – sea level
julien_de_smedt_mermaid_20Mermaid 2.0 Level 56

PROJECT: Mixed-Use, Hotel, Residential, Retail, Cinema, Wellness Center

TYPE: Proposal

SIZE: 100,000 M2

BUDGET: Confidential

CLIENT: Confidential


LOCATION: Middle East

STATUS: Schematic Design

Julien De Smedt
Andrew Griffin
Benedetta Casadei
Francisco Villeda
Philipp Ohnesorge
Robert Huedser
Vasco Portugal

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  • toto

    people are starving all around the world and few others find time to spend in imagining such “grotesque” buildings that I really call them “things”, “objects” without any contextual background!

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