Black & White House in Yarmouk, Kuwait designed by AGi Architects

A labyrinth of light outer spaces united by a dark band of natural stone All images, plans and information courtesy of AGi Architects; © by AGi Architects; Images by Nelson Garrido Volumetric spaces and dramatic light wells provide new spatial and visual experiences on every visit These six houses on three adjacent plots should be noticed […]

The Villa K, Marrakesh by Studio Ko

A silent block of earth on the edge of a sloppy land. All images and information courtesy of Studio Ko; © by Studio Ko; All images by Daniel Glaser The Villa K, Tagadert Berber Village, Marrakesh The Villa K was designed with a true respect towards its landscape. The land, a long North-South stripe of […]

Centre de Formation aux Métiers du Développement Durable, Marrakech by Studio Mikou

“A raised building, composed of crosswise bands, suspended in mid-air between courtyards and gardens” All images, graphics and information courtesy of Mikou design studio; © by Mikou design studio; see detailed project credits at the end of this article “A lively succession of barrel vaults that create a dynamic landscape” Studio Mikou have sent us […]