Torre Alger XXI by Saraiva+Associados

Office tower concept by Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados


All images and information courtesy of Saraiva+Associados ; images © by 3D Helps + Saraiva+Associados

Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados design the Torre Alger XXI – an office tower in Algiers

Saraiva + Associados have sent us images of their design of an iconic office tower in Algiers that creates a “positive rupture” with its differentiated and striking image.

Alger XXI Tower

The Alger XXI Tower is constituted by 17 floors (R+16) for office use, has a commercial area at the ground level and also 2 floors for parking in basement.
With a construction area of 8.366 square meters, 7.241 are reserved to the implementation of offices, 145 for commerce and 980 for parking.


Its privileged location in the city of Algiers, allows endowing this structure with a great visibility of the city, which, for this type of use, is extremely important, being able to come to consist in a referential of identity for the place and the region.


Wanting to be a new icon, the building presents an enormous flexibility in its use, enough to be able to adapt to the future users requirements and necessities. This situation endows the tower with a new occupation philosophy, presents an intelligent modulation of its diverse components, not forgetting about the comfort and using technologies that protect the environment, as well as the easiness of exploration and maintenance.


The tower presents an intelligent building concept, not for the existence of expensive technological artifacts, but for its correct adequacy to the environment conditions, and adaptability to programmatically and technological requests of the market, in the future.


Its differentiated and striking image intends to create a positive rupture with its involving one, transmitting to the object distinctness, a singular identity.



Date: June de 2009
Status: Preliminary Study
Promoter: Media Discs Industries
Architecture: Saraiva + Associados
Total area: 8.366 sqm
Offices area: 7.241 sqm
Commercial Area: 145 sqm
Parking area: 980 sqm
Floors above the ground: 17
Floors underground: 2
Credits: 3D Helps+

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