Torre Alger XXI by Saraiva+Associados

Office tower concept by Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados All images and information courtesy of Saraiva+Associados ; images © by 3D Helps + Saraiva+Associados Portuguese architects Saraiva+Associados design the Torre Alger XXI – an office tower in Algiers Saraiva + Associados have sent us images of their design of an iconic office tower in Algiers that creates […]

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha by I. M. Pei

The Museum of Islamic Art, a new cultural icon for the Gulf region Angular structural supports of the Museum of Islamic Art complement the faceted dome above © by Museum of Islamic Art, Doha All images and information provided by Ruder Finn – Images courtesy of Museum of Islamic Art ; Plans courtesy of I.M. […]