I.B.3, Beirut by Bernard Khoury / DW5

Residential project in the Gemmayzé area of Beirut designed by Lebanese architects Bernard Khoury / DW5


All images, plans and information courtesy of Bernard Khoury / DW5; © by Bernard Khoury / DW5

Bernards Khoury and DW5 have provided us with some images of their project I.B.3 in Beirut. We share it with you on desMena.


The I.B.3 residential building is located in the Gemmayzé area on plot # 595 Saifi in Beirut. Our design mission was developed around the shell and core principle which consists of designing the structure of the edifice, its facades and the common areas, leaving all the inhabitable surfaces to be partitioned and finished by the architects of the future owners of each residence.

The particularity of the design resides in the free plans proposed initially on all the levels of the building. Every residence is developed around a different section providing each apartment with high ceilings (4.35m to 5.5m) in the reception areas. All apartments feature a split level and / or double level section. The façade of the edifice is designed to accommodate and compose with the variations in its openings that are a consequence of the differences in plan and section of all the residences within the building. Facades are finished in solid wood sections mounted on modular aluminum frames. The envelope of the edifice is shaped by the maximum allowable volume on its site. Residences in the I.B.3 building should be regarded as suspended “urban villas”. Two townhouses are located at the ground level, four residences are interlocked in the main body of the building and a three storey penthouse occupies the top levels of the building.





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