Zaha Hadid – Fluidity & Design exhibition in Bahrain

The first exhibition in the Gulf by renowned architect Zaha Hadid


“ZAHA HADID BOWL – METACRYLIC” design Zaha Hadid, 2007 production Sawaya & Moroni, Italy
Text and Images courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects.

Zaha Hadid – Fluidity & Design

Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research, Bahrain 15 March – 30 April 2010

For her inaugural exhibition in the Gulf, Zaha Hadid – Fluidity & Design, the Pritzker Prize winning architect presents her practice’s continued exploration and research towards a new architectural language of fluidity that encompasses all scales of design – a built manifesto informed by originality and innovation. Evolving from the demands of greater complexity and variety in contemporary society, this new language is driven by the latest advances in computational design processes and stateof-the-art fabrication technologies.

Zaha Hadid views the fields of urbanism, architecture and design as inherently interrelated, with the fluid sensibility of her design projects impacting our own perception of space. In a dialogue of complex curvilinear geometries – each design morphologically conceived and shaped further by typological, functional and ergonomic considerations – Hadid reinvents the balance between object and space – establishing a direct discourse with the Cartesian galleries of the Shaikh Ebrahim Center and presenting the unbounded possibilities of her formal repertoire.
Showcased in the Bin Matar House, one of the traditional Bahraini houses restored by the Shaikh Ebrahim Center, Zaha Hadid – Fluidity & Design reveals the spatial complexity of Hadid’s visionary creations. The exhibition brings together a selection of works that articulate our immediate tactile environment, demonstrating Hadid’s radical reinterpretation of the space we occupy. The works included within the exhibition range from jewellery to large-scale furniture pieces, each produced as unique or limited edition pieces, giving the visitor a true overview of the range of Zaha Hadid’s design practice.
• Lotus, a large-scale concept that integrates furniture and architecture, designed
for the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale
• The Swash Cabinet, Gyre Chair and Serif Shelves of the Seamless Collection,
designed for the British company Established & Sons
• The Crevasse Vases, a set of vases designed for the Italian company Alessi
• Select pieces from the Celeste and Glace Jewellery Collections, designed for
• The Acrylic Z-bowl and a Tea & Coffee Set, designed for the Italian company
Sawaya & Moroni

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