Plot # 183 Beirut, by Bernard Khoury / DW5

Residential project in the Rmeil area of Beirut designed by Lebanese architects Bernard Khoury / DW5
bernard_khoury_183_03All images, plans and information courtesy of Bernard Khoury / DW5; © by Bernard Khoury / DW5

Bernards Khoury and DW5 have provided us with some images of their recently completed project Plot 183 in Beirut. We share it with you on desMena.

Plot 183

The Rmeil 183 residential building is located on a 247 m² land on lot #183 in a quiet residential area of Rmeil. The 18 m wide western edge faces CHAFIK EL MOUAYIAD STREET.

The street level façade of the ground floor allows for both the pedestrian building entrance as well as the vehicular entrance. Surface parking is provided on the ground floor, fitting the cars under the 3 m high pilotis structure of the building.

The main façade of the plot is limited to 18 meters of the main street with a depth of approximately half that length. The shallow depth of the building necessitates a plan of single- loaded rooms along the street façade. In order to compress these functions into 18 m, the solution was to stack 250 m² apartments in split levels, alternating living rooms and two floors of bedrooms.

The longitudinal terraces on the main glazed façade allow the possibility of an external promenade around the apartments with an alternative outdoor access to the rooms.

The central part of the terraces benefit from a 4.4 m ceiling height, which allows a suspended garden on each floor.

The sixth and seventh floor house a 250m² duplex penthouse, including an ample private terrace on the main street side.





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