The Edge, Dubai by OAB

Mixed use development designed by Office of Architecture in Barcelona


All images and information courtesy of OAB; © by OAB; please note detailed project credits at the end of this post

The Office of Architecture in Barcelona has provided desMena with this material on one of their Mena projects.


The Project is based on principles of rigorousness and discipline in order to respond to structure and program.
Each form is the result of deep specialization for each use in order to give maximum flexibility to its present and future needs Clusters, Business offices, retail, food & beverage, residential buildings… All these are parts of a big complex thatwill need to be managed. Managed in terms of concept and environment, always with the idea of the zoom in- and the zoom out- where they can be managed as single units or as a whole. Management that sets construction processes, quality control, building maintenance, energetic consume and the future capacity of adapting any space to future users.
The project can then be understood through the concept of Horizontality, allowing the distribution through public use spaces, and Verticality, allowing the internal distribution of each part of the program.



Our proposal sets the creation of two big public spaces.
The ground floor public space is set to receive and understand the elements typical of the modern (generic) city;
it is where space solves the problems of vehicle circulations. It is the place where the way of approaching the building is defined. The area where distribution of vehicles is designed and where visitors from cars, buses,… are managed in order to be distributed as pedestrians. External and internal worlds of the project become in communication and transition.
All accesses and their control are guaranteed and public space is understood as a prolongation of the city character that slowly starts being transformed or filtered in order to drive us into a new place upstairs. This transition is made up so that the city of Dubai itself can almost enter in the plot and cross over the ground floor.
From that moment on, is when surprise occurs. The city turns into a new urban landscape, where light can enter,
water runs along the surface and the ground turns into an urban garden. Vehicles are parked surrounded by vegetation, in big spirals, panoramic elevators and escalators will take us into a different world and environment upstairs, where the city for the knowledge worker is really defined.











Situation: Dubai, EAU

Area: Competition

Construction: 2007 – 2007

Architects: Carlos Ferrater, Borja Ferrater, Juan Trias de Bes

Team: Kenzo Yamashita, David Abondano, Jesús Peña, Rodolfo Reis, Daniel Capella, Carlos Garcia

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