Saifi 606 in Beirut by Raed Abillama Architects

Careful insertion of a modern residential building into a historic part of municipal Beirut designed by the Lebanese Architects


All images, plans and information courtesy of Raed Abillama Architects; images and plans © by Raed Abillama

Lebanese architects Raed Abillama have sent us this information on one of their residential projects in Lebanon. We are happy to share it with you on desMena.

Saifi 606

Rue du Liban is an area in municipal Beirut greatly influenced by the French mandate period. It is characterized by narrow streets and an abundance of bay window, five-floor apartment buildings of the late 1920’s and 1930’s. Along Mar Maroun street, there is a sequence of Neo-Traditional two-floor buildings.

The site of Saifi 606 is a corner lot at the intersection of Rue du Liban and Mar Maroun.

The urban guidelines for the development of the site are governed by the following issues:
– a high percentage of surface exploitation
– no street setbacks
– high total exploitation
– insensitive envelopes (30 m high on a 7.5 m wide road)

This scheme is sensitive to the pedestrian scale of the urban fabric.

On Maroun Street, the bedrooms of the typical floors are grouped to form a block similar in proportion to the neo-traditional buildings, but raised 5 m above street level.
This block is also set back from the neighboring site as well as Rue du Liban – allowing for further demarcation of its shape, while devising corner windows to create views up Rue du Liban and along Mar Maroun.

The upper floors facing the street are framed by balconies and flower-beds, thus lightening the impact of the building as well as opening onto the urban corners and streets.

The bulk of the required area exploitation is taken back to the corner of the site where the full envelope height is reached.

The building is completely residential. It is composed of a ground floor duplex with a private back garden, a second floor apartment with a terrace, four basic apartments, a seventh floor duplex apartment with a pool and a terrace and a ninth floor duplex.

In each apartment, site assets are maximized. The typical apartment opens out towards the urban setting, as well as towards the Santa Church Garden.

The plan, with its central core, encompasses a flexibility of tailoring required for the size of apartments.


















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