‘design as reform’ – traffic design competition vol.2

traffic announces the second traffic design competition entitled ‘design as reform’
traffic_design_competition_001image and text courtesy of traffic, image © by traffic

Traffic gallery anounces its  second design competition:

The competition returns to focus on design as a revolutionary art form

2, November 2009, Dubai – The traffic design competition returns with ‘design as
reform’, and will be focusing on fostering a provincial sense of design through the reapplication
of existing Arab art forms on contemporary projects. Candidates are being
asked to explore ways in which Arab culture should preserve authenticity in light of mass
production and exportation.

After a successful competition in 2008, which focused on the categories of product,
interior space and chair, ‘design as reform’ was conceived to continue the global
understanding of regional design.
In an effort to revitalize a historically rich region, without withdrawing from constructive
interactions with the modern world, this year’s competition is dedicated to exploring
regional design systems as an integral part of the everyday urban landscape. The
competition has been divided into four categories that address the different aspects of
Arab life. As a whole the categories envelope a basic value system by which the region is
governed – essentially through faith, socio-politiical engagement, access to information
and knowledge, and privacy and contemplation.

The applicant’s task will be to reinterpret the following structures according to certain
design disciplines without depriving them of their history, nor consequently, a sense of
reverence for these forms:

The Mosque through Architecture.
The Majlis through Interior Design.
The Mashrabiya through Graphic Design.
A Public Installation through Experimental Design.

The competition is open to students, professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world
and launches on November 9, 2009 with the deadline for first entries on March 6, 2010.
The award ceremony will be held in Dubai in June 2010. The wiinning entries in each
category will be produced by traffic and the competition partners.
design as reform, the traffic design competition vol 2, is supported in the Media by
Bidoun, brownbook and The National.

design as reform : the traffic design competition vol 2, launches on November
9th, 2009. For more information on the competition, join us at traffic on the 9th,
between 4 pm and 6 pm.

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