traffic opens “to” it’s annual exhibition


‘Portal’ by James Clar. Exhibited at the Roger Tator Galerie in Lyon, France (Dec, 2008)

traffic celebrates it’s second birthday

New pieces are coupled with works from the past year at the traffic annual exhibition

11th, October 2009, Dubai – traffic celebrated it’s second birthday with an intimate exhibition of
notable works entitled ‘to’. The show opened on Thursday with a preview event that attracted
friends and family as well as Dubai’s design community.
‘to’, was envisaged as an annual show, showcasing traffic’s various design and art projects from
2008 – 2009, and showing a wide range of work from conceptual art to product design. The show
also highlights the collaborative nature of traffic’s process.
Rami Farook, Director and Founder of traffic says, “Over the last year we’ve evolved from exhibitor
to creator, and over the next year I see an evolution into educators and reformers”.
The photographic works on display document a number of realised projects including a logo redesign
for the New York Times Style Magazine by James Clar; branding, design and identity for the
UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and a Limited Edition TShirt design for graniph by Katrin
Greiling. In addition, the show highlights unrealised concepts and proposals such one of a public
lighting installation as part of the Dubai Metro.


‘Globe Lights’ by James Clar (Sep, 2009)

In addition to the photographic retrospective, the show features a new range of light products
developed by James Clar, Director of Media Technologies at traffic.
“For our annual show I created a new lighting series, “Globe Lights” which is a series of spheroid
lampshades. Each lampshade has a laser die-cut pattern cut into the sphere that blocks the light
from the outside and reflects it on the inside. This creates a contrast between the inside surface of
the sphere, which is bright, and the outside surface, which is dark.” says James Clar.
Reflecting on the traffic’s second birthday James also says, “I’m looking forward to seeing Traffic
continue to expand and develop the art/design scene in the UAE and increase our presence in the
international scene.”
Katrin Greiling, Director of Industrial Design, showcased newly produced versions of her Bidoun
sofa series. The newly imagined pieces are upholstered in warm beige, mustards and creams.
Accompanying the pieces are Bidoun coffee tables – minimalist slabs of wood and concrete that lie
close to the floor.

‘to : the traffic annual show 2009′ is open to the public from 10 – 29 October 2009. traffic is open from 10 am – 8 pm, Saturdays to Thursdays.

All images and information courtesy of traffic

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