Algiers Millennium Site by RMJM


All images and information courtesy of RMJM. Copyright by desMena.

RMJM designed the masterplan for the Algiers Millennium Site.

Algier Millenium Site

During the summer of 2008, RMJM was selected by Sorouh to develop a masterplan for the Algiers Millennium site on the waterfront of the northern most point of the Bay of Algiers. The Glasgow Studio visited the city and held local workshops to understand the history, culture and politics that have shaped the city before presenting proposals to the Minister for Tourism.

The masterplan looks to reconnect the historic Casbah with the Mediterranean Sea as well as revitalising the waterfront promenade and regenerating the harbour.

The Place Des Martyrs is fundamental to the Masterplan. An intervention into the surface of the square opens up a vista that draws the public through the harbour-side arcades to the water’s edge. Combining a processional stair with a memorial wall helps connect the historic elements as well as improving the relationship between the Mosque of the Fisherman to the Place Des Martyrs.

A new breakwater development forms a new harbour district which provides approximately 930,000 sm of accommodation comprising of retail/commercial, office, residential, hotels and cultural buildings all tied together by a linear landscape. The buildings will be up to 10 storeys with a 50 storey tower at the northern most point marking the gateway to Algiers.

Project name:
Algiers Millennium Site


Building type:
Cultural/ /Masterplanning/Mixed Use/Office/Public/ Residential/Transport

Architecture/ Urban Design/Masterplanning/ Landscape Architecture/Preservation Architecture/Visualisation

Region: North Africa

Sorouh Real Estate




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