Cultural Complex in Muscat by Architecture Studio


All images and information courtesy of Architecture Studio. Copyright by desMena.

The winning design for Oman’s new cultural Complex in Muscat by Architecture Studio .

AS.Architecture-Studio has won the international competition organised by the

Sultanate of Oman in order to achieve a new urban centre bringing together the

National Archives, the National Library and the Omani National Theatre next to Muscat

main gateway. The project will be designed on a 40,000 sqm area. Its estimated budget

reaches OMR 40 million.

The complex emerges in a unique landscape, between the sea and the mountains, as

an oasis made up of palms and mineral columns. The cultural centre is covered by a

canopy, which is bent at its western side by the National Theatre.This musharabieh

canopy that filters sunbeams is a reference to Omani architecture; in the same way, a

trickle crosses covered gardens in reference to falajs.








Contracting authority Sultanate of Oman

Architect AS. Architecture-Studio (M. Robain,

R. Tisnado, JF. Bonne, A.

Bretagnolle, RH. Arnaud, LM.

Fischer, M. Lehmann, R. Ayache, Gaspard Joly, Marica Piot, Mariano Efron and Amar Sabeh El Leil)

Associated architects Gulf Engineering Consultancy

Engineering SETEC Bâtiment

Environmental strategy Eco-Cités

Assignment Complete

Surface 40,000 sqm

Cost OMR 40 million


competition 2008, prize winner

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