Workshop with Delugan Meissl at Ajman University of Science and Technology

Image  of performing arts centre in amman, courtesy of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects; © by Delugan Meissl

Delugan Meissl will hold a public lecture and open an exhibition of their acclaimed work.

Four-day workshop will run from 18 – 22 Feb. 2012 attended by Mrs. Elke Delugan-Meissl and Mr. Roman Delugan.

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LAN Architecture designed the 486 Mina El Hosn, The tower that looks at Beirut

The 486 Mina El Hosn project conceived by LAN Architecture will offer the city of Beirut a new vision of itself.


All information, images and plans courtesy of LAN Architecture; © by LAN Architecture; detailed credits at the end of this post

LAN Architecture, Paris have sent us their latest project in Lebanon – we share it with you on desMena:

486 Mina El Hosn, Beirut

The starting point of the project was to imagine Beirut in all its complexity. We have imagined the city as na ‘un-finished’ superposition of histories, contexts, architectures and situations;
Our project was conceived as an interface, an algorithm that generates new connections and that creates new view axis, ways of observing the history, the present and the future. →click here for more

Oppenheim Architecture + Design unveils future primitive lodges in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Minimal yet powerful gestures of architecture serve to create harmony and balance while framing and amplifying the surroundings.


All images and information courtesy of Oppenheim Architecture + Design; © by  Oppenheim Architecture + Design
Oppenheim’s design takes advantage of the natural cooling effect of the rocks with careful choice of location to provide maximum comfort with minimum energy and water consumption.

International “green” architect Chad Oppenheim sets a new benchmark for design and ecological sensitivity with the Wadi Resort-located in Wadi Rum, Jordan, set for completion in 2014. Oppenheim Architecture + Design (OAD) beat out a global competition and will execute an unprecedented project comprised of 47 desert lodges, setting forth a future primitive experience for the avid globetrotter, an hour and a half outside of Petra, the ancient city of the Nebataeans carved into the desert rock. →click here for more

Charles Hostler Student Center, Beirut by VJAA

Vincent James Associates Architects designed the new center for social and academic activities on the Lower Campus of the American University of Beirut

vjaa_charles_hostler_12All images, plans and information courtesy of Vincent James Associated Architects (VJAA); © by VJAA; Images by Paul Crosby
The design for the new Hostler Center uses a non-hierarchical synthesis of architecture and landscape to create a set of richly varied and environmentally diverse spaces for people to gather in throughout the day and evening.

In 2002, the American University of Beirut held a competition to design the Charles W. Hostler Student Center and Corniche Frontage. An internationally recognized jury awarded VJAA first place from a shortlist of six international design firms. →click here for more

New Pictures of Woods Bagot’s QSTP by Nelson Garrido

Qatar Science & Technology Park in Doha designed by Woods Bagot


All images courtesy of Nelson Garrido; © by Nelson Garrido; design of QSTP by Woods Bagot
QSTP through the lens of photographer Nelson Garrido

Nelson Garrido has sent us these new images of the Qatar Science & Technology Park which we featured earlier on desMena.

The complete album can be seen on his website.

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Star House in Bnaider, Kuwait by AGi architects

Approached from the desert and situated on the coastline this beach house is designed to maximize sea views while blending into the topography.


All images, plans and information courtesy of AGi Architects; © by AGi Architects; Images by Nelson Garrido

Star House

Nestled into the landscape, this beach house blends with the natural topography of the coastline of Kuwait. It slowly unfolds itself to the visitor, as it is approached from the desert. →click here for more

MOP CAP 2011 Shortlist Exhibition at Traffic, Dubai

Between 14-19 March 2011 Traffic will host the MOP CAP 2011 Shortlist Exhibition.


Image and information courtesy of Traffic; Image of  “feminine sensors” a video animation projection by Niyazi Azadikhah
MOP CAP (Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize), launched in 2009, has become the world’s leading art prize for Iranian artists.
Monday 14th March – Saturday 19th March 2011 at Traffic Gallery, Dubai

Launched in 2009, the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) has become the world’s leading art prize for Iranian artists. Iranian art continues to command the attention of institutions, art collectors and the press worldwide. Last year’s winner, Mahmoud Bakhshi, was awarded a solo exhibition at the Tate Modern, London, as part of their permanent collection. →click here for more

From a poetic vision towards a programmed reality

Construction of a 6 meter large Light-Test Model of Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi


image © by Jens Kaestler
All information courtesy of 1:One| Computational Geometry and Georg Ackermann GmbH;  please note individual credits for the images.

3 specialist companies collaborate for design and construction of a light-test model for the complex Louvre dome structure
German company One-to-One have sent us this report about their joint interdisciplinary effort to accomplish Jean Nouvel‘s poetic vision of the “rain of light”. The following text is from One-to-One:

Jean Nouvel has a subtle and ingenious vision for the planned branch of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi: a gigantic dome, 180 meters in diameter, perforated by layers of superimposed cladding patterns, will filter the blazing desert sun onto the white museum gallery buildings below. The architect calls this virtuoso effect his „rain of light”. Realizing a poetic vision such as this one necessitates a targeted approach, requiring to test the lighting conditions on a large-scale, architectural model beforehand.

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Medical housing compound in Sudan designed by Tamassociati

Italian architects Tamassociati design a sustainable housing compound for Emergency NGO using discarded containers


All images and information courtesy of Tamassociati; © by Tamassociati

Although Sudan is not typically considered part of the Mena region we’d like to draw your attention to this project to show how simple socially responsible and sustainable design can be if architects take on the challenge. The following description has been provided by Tamassociati:

In the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery – Emergency NGO

Looking at the amount of discarded containers laying around the building site of the Salam Centre we had this simple idea: to use them again in order to realize the required international staff housing compound. →click here for more

AA Visiting School: German University of Technology Oman 31 January–11 February

aa_visiting_school_012All images and information courtesy of Omid Kamvari, course director for the AA Tehran and Muscat visiting school.
Images displayed show the work of last year’s workshop in Tehran.

Every year the Architectural Association School of Architecture collaborates with selected universities around the globe to conduct workshops. The AA Visiting School has become a worldwide network with events in Beijing, Madrid, San Francisco, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Tehran among others. This time, from January 31 to February 11 they will visit the German University of Technology Oman with a methodological focus on patterns. →click here for more